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Inconsistent pattern - or "chatter" - can mar a finished product. The problem is caused by movement of the piece during the cut, and can be prevented by making sure the workpiece moves only in the direction of the outfeed.

Available Direct From WEINIG:

Flat Pressure Shoes
Provide smooth, consistent pressure on top-planed surfaces and profiles with even contact points. You can actually allow the profile to slowly "wear into" the flat pressure, or hold-down shoe. Most sizes are available from stock.

Chipbreaker Shoes
Allows chipbreaker shoes to be brought in close to the cutterhead to help eliminate chatter, without fear of accidental machine damage. Faster setups, safer operation on thin or narrow products.

Since applications and sizes vary, please contact the WEINIG Parts Department with your machine model.

Counter Profile Shoes:

Provide consistent pressure on all points of the product profile. Available within a week of receipt of product sample or dimensioned drawing.

To purchase counter profile shoes, contact direct:
Advanced Moulding Technology
Phone: 1.318.544.2370
Fax: 1.318.544.8533
Email: amt @ advancedmouldingtech dot com