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The bottom line in any moulding or planing plant is simple - Keep the moulder running! WEINIG features a full line of parts and accessories to get the full value from your WEINIG investment.

Items like feed wheels are critical for proper feeding and finish quality, but are often neglected. There are many types and configurations of these rollers to fit your production needs. The Weinig patented steel feed roller is recognized to be the best for rough or smooth stock situations, and can be used on many types of moulder - even other brands.

Many operators struggle with counter-profile shoes for difficult profiles made from scraps of wood, etc. A simple nylon pressure shoe contoured to fit a difficult profile can reduce setup time and waste.

Small things like having a proper straight edge for tool setting instead of a piece of used knife steel or a piece of moderately flat metal is a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself immediately. A quality honing device to remove the burr from the back of the knife can dramatically increase knife life for a minimal cost.