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Waxilit is the original table lubricant furnished with Weinig moulders worldwide.

Cutter-Guard is an environmentally safe cleaner for the woodworking industry.

Waxilit is considered the standard by which all table lubricants are compared.

Cutter-Guard removes and prevents wood residue deposits while providing a moisture-resistant barrier to prevent rust. This helps your woodworking machinery run more efficiently.

Waxilit qualities include:

  • Excellent non-sticking table lubrication.
  • Will not stain the wood.
  • Will not adversely affect paints and stains.
  • Prevents formation of rust.
  • Will not contaminate pumps, lines or nozzles.
  • Classified non-hazardous for shipping purposes.

As an alternative to Waxilit, Waxiglide Table Lubricant is a product suitable for table lubrication when producing construction or non-paint-grade materials.

  • Chemical tunneling action that gets under the grease and grime for easy removal.
  • Protects ferrous metals, preventing rust formation on tools and machinery.
  • Environmentally safe to use. Totally biodegradable for easy disposal after use.
  • Can be sprayed directly onto machinery, or used in ultrasonic or diptank parts cleaners.
  • Safe on washable surfaces.

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Screw Fitting - CL6
Screw Fitting - CL6
Our Price: $3.89

Straight screw fitting -- CL6
For connection of the Waxilit line in the table plates
more info
Waxilit Paste
Waxilit Paste
Our Price: $11.25

Waxilit Sliding Agent
70g tin
Excellent for home woodworkers!
more info
Cutter-Guard Cleaner  -- 1 Gal
Cutter-Guard Cleaner -- 1 Gal
Our Price: $17.00

Cutter-Guard 1 gal. more info
Rust Cleaner - Knorrostol
Rust Cleaner - Knorrostol
Our Price: $25.29

Knorrostol Concentrated Rust Cleaner Paste
150ml Tube
more info
Waxilit Table Lube - 5KG (1.6 Gallon)
Waxilit Table Lube - 5KG (1.6 Gallon)
Our Price: $53.00

Waxilit Table Lube - 5KG (1.6 Gallon) more info
Cutter-Guard Cleaner  -- 5 Gallon
Cutter-Guard Cleaner -- 5 Gallon
Our Price: $70.00

Cutter-Guard 5 gal. more info
Waxiglide Table Lube -- 5 Gallon
Waxiglide Table Lube -- 5 Gallon
Our Price: $179.00

Waxiglide Table Lube more info
Waxilit Table Lube - 20KG (6.5 Gallon)
Waxilit Table Lube - 20KG (6.5 Gallon)
Our Price: $196.00

Waxilit Table Lube - 20KG (6.5 Gallon) more info
Waxilit Pump
Waxilit Pump
Our Price: $406.15

Waxilit Pump cpl w/foot pedal
Without tank
more info
Cutter-Guard Cleaner -- 55 Gallon
Cutter-Guard Cleaner -- 55 Gallon
Our Price: $550.00

Cutter-Guard 55 gal. more info