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ØAll knives must have the same thickness, and should be, if possible, cut from the same length of bar stock. These knives must then be balanced in pairs within 0.1 gram (0.0035 oz). When installed in the cutterhead, these knives must be installed into opposite pockets. However, we recommend that all knives weigh an equal amount for simplicity and speed when rebuilding the tool at a later date.
ØKnife steel balance procedures should be as follows:

a) After the steel is cut-to-length, balance them to the tolerance listed above. Make sure that the edges are square for consistent axial measurement.

b) Complete the rough grind on the knives.

c) Remove the knives from the cutterhead, rebalance to the acceptable tolerance, and then re-install into the cutterhead. Use of an Optical Measuring Stand (OCMS) is recommended for quick and accurate knife alignment.

d) Complete the finish grind on the knives.

ØSince 2008, Weinig changed manufacturing procedures on clamping wedges (gibs), in order to achieve a higher degree of total cutterhead balance and accuracy. All gibs are now weighed on a calibrated high precision scale, and laser etched with part number and weight. The gibs with this laser etching that are installed in the cutterhead now will weigh within 0.2 gram (visually verify when tool disassembled for cleaning), so there should be no requirement for additional balancing efforts. Non-etched gibs need to be checked for balance, and then should remain with this tool. Also, should a gib be misplaced or damaged, the replacement gib can be ordered from Weinig by stating the part number and weight required. Do not remove any material from an original gib which has the laser etched weight.

Ø When the tool is dismantled for cleaning, it is good practice to confirm at this time that all gib screws are the same length. For a more precise balance, it is suggested that all screws be of identical weight.
ØPowerlock cutterheads are no longer being manufactured with the bolts installed in the end of the tool body. This has no effect on the tool balance.

Powerlock cutterheads produced prior to 2006 were balanced as an assembly, including gibs and tensioning screws. This cutterhead series can be easily identified, as the pockets and gibs are numbered in order to ensure that the gibs always remain in the correct position
Do not balance these gibs, since they have been balanced as part of the assembly. If a gib is lost or misplaced, then the entire cutterhead assembly must be re-balanced.

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