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Acmosit Ultra-Cool Grinding Coolant: A new formulation exclusive for WEINIG USA! Our top-of-the-line coolant provides better grinding lubrication, less odor, and more rust-inhibitor for longer coolant life. In addition, this formulation includes a carbide grinding additive.

RondaCool XL Grinding Coolant: A time-tested alternative to our premium ULTRA-COOL coolant.

An environmentally safe cleaner for the woodworking industry, Cutter-Guard removes and prevents wood residue deposits while providing a moisture-resistant barrier to prevent rust. This helps your woodworking machinery run more efficiently.

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Cutter-Guard Cleaner  -- 1 Gal
Cutter-Guard Cleaner -- 1 Gal
Our Price: $15.00

Cutter-Guard 1 gal.
Rust Cleaner - Knorrostol
Rust Cleaner - Knorrostol
Our Price: $23.05

Knorrostol Concentrated Rust Cleaner Paste
150ml Tube
Rust Preventative Spray
Rust Preventative Spray
Our Price: $24.00

Rust preventative spray
Provides an oily film on surfaces, and protects from oxidation in humid conditions. Apply to a clean and dry surface.
Not for rust removal.
RondaCool XL Coolant  -- 1 gal.
RondaCool XL Coolant -- 1 gal.
Our Price: $35.00

RondaCool II - 1 gal.
Cutter-Guard Cleaner  -- 5 Gallon
Cutter-Guard Cleaner -- 5 Gallon
Our Price: $66.00

Cutter-Guard 5 gal.
Ultra-Cool Coolant -- 1.6 Gal
Ultra-Cool Coolant -- 1.6 Gal
Our Price: $70.00

Ultra-Cool Grinding Coolant
RondaCool XL Coolant  -- 5 gal.
RondaCool XL Coolant -- 5 gal.
Our Price: $143.00

RondaCool II - 5 gal.
Ultra-Cool Coolant -- 6.5 Gal
Ultra-Cool Coolant -- 6.5 Gal
Our Price: $280.00

Ultra-Cool Premium Grinding Coolant
20 KG can - 6.5 Gallons
Cutter-Guard Cleaner -- 55 Gallon
Cutter-Guard Cleaner -- 55 Gallon
Our Price: $505.00

Cutter-Guard 55 gal.