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Production of accurate moulded profiles with superb finish quality and accuracy is a chain of systems that must hold very close tolerances. A rigid machine base, precise spindle runout, cutterheads with exacting balance and specifications all work together only to support the point where the chips are made - the knife that cuts the product.

The best machine in the world cannot compensate for bad knives. There are many choices out there for knife stock. Some are quality materials, and some are made just to be cheap in price. The manufacture and forging of knife stock is a complicated process, with the alloys used making up most of the cost of a particular product.

With more and more companies entering the market with low-priced products, the quality and integrity of steel and carbide knife stock is now a guessing game. You don't need the most critical point in your quality chain to be a guess.

All the products we sell have been thoroughly tested by Weinig and by our customers and meet some very rigid standards to be able to carry the name of WEINIG.

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