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Powerlock Replacement Inserts

Tooling is an integral factor in production of a quality product. Even a machine with superb tolerances like a WEINIGmoulder can be severely compromised by using cutter heads with poor bore precision or balance.

A cutterhead must be a precisely machined system, with all tolerances from bore to balance to running concentricity and even down to the screws and corrugations held to exacting specifications. These tolerances become even more critical as spindle speeds are increased, up to the 12,000 RPM capability of the PowerLock system.

We recommend that you protect your Weinig investment by using only the best tooling available for your machine.

WEINIG- Guaranteed to be the best.
Accessories Conventional Hydro
Powerlock Replacement Inserts

Powerlock is Weinig's new word for moulder tooling with Hollow Taper Shank (HSK) locking. Used initially in the metal-working industry, this quick changeover technology gains its accuracy from positive clamping on three main surfaces: taper, clamping area, and flange face.

With an actual clamping force even stronger than traditional thread-lock or hydro-lock moulder tooling, Powerlock tooling has an axial and radial positioning accuracy of 0.0001". The axial positioning is determined by face-to-face contact between the cutterhead and the tool-holder, while radial positioning is a result of the high-tolerance mating tapers.

Now used on Weinig's Powermat moulders, Powerlock tooling allows higher spindle speed (up to 12,000 RPM) with a smaller tool. The result is better product finish quality.

You can depend on Powerlock tooling for the highest rigidity, quick changeover and lowest tool run-out. Powerlock tooling is suitable for cutting conditions ranging from heavy-duty to high-speed machining. And it offer the lowest weight for the most tool-holder.
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